These are Mindy's opening remarks at the Germantown School Board Forum, hosted by Leadership Germantown Alumni Association. It was an honor to participate.

September 22, 2016

These are Mindy's closing remarks that sum up her thoughts about the opportunity to serve on the Germantown School Board.

September 22, 2016

Educate. Engage. Inspire.

As a member of the Germantown Municipal School District Board, I will strive for the District to increase the wide range of instructional opportunities. These opportunities will meet students at an academic level that is rigorous and encourage them to be their academic best. Educate.

Germantown is a vibrant highly educated community. The Germantown Municipal School District should harness the talent, experience and resources of the citizens. Engaging these community attributes will help to inspire students to become creative, confident, independent thinkers. Engage.

The Germantown Municipal School District is fortunate to have strong teachers, administrators and employees. Their hard work on every level adds to the incredible education of our students. We must continue to inspire new learning opportunities at all levels. Inspiring a teacher will in turn inspire students.  Inspire.


Visionary School Board

Since the Germantown Municipal School District swore in the first Board in December 2013, I have been on the front row to witness and support the creation of the district. The task was an exciting and massive undertaking. During these two and half years, the District had to respond quickly so that the doors could open in the Fall of 2014. I would like to thank everyone who picked up a shovel and made GMSD a reality.

As we start our third school year, we need to continue to respond to the needs of ours schools. However, I also think that we are at a point that the School Board should become more Visionary.

There are several roles that the School Board is tasked with. First, create a vision for the district. Next, the board needs create policy that encourages and supports the Board vision. The budget process should continue to support the vision particularly the educational programs. Finally, the School Board Members are the cheerleaders for the district. They should attend GMSD events and advocate for GMSD on a personal, city, county and state level.

The Board should endeavor to provide the best educational opportunities possible for all the students it serves.


Balance of School Board Accountability

It is my belief that the Germantown Municipal School Board is accountable to three groups, Students, Employees and Citizens. In order to ensure a successful school district, we must balance the needs of all three groups in our decision making process.

As a GMSD Board member, I will always consider how my actions will affect the education of our students. GMSD will continue to provide all students educational opportunities regardless of ability, race, sex or creed. Our goal should be to educate students and prepare them to be the next generation of leaders.  Students.

The Germantown Municipal School District is fortunate to have strong teachers, administrators and employees.  We should support our employees and inspire them.  Every position, every level. I want every GMSD employee to feel they have the privileged opportunity to inspire our greatest resource, students.  Employees.

I feel it is important to engage citizens. We must be good stewards of the financial gifts of this community. While I make decisions, I will consider how my decisions will affect the citizens. The community should be a resource we reach out to besides financially. We should leverage the intellectual resources of the Germantown citizens.  Citizens.

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